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Hello, everyone thanks for coming here. Today you all must be looking for an interactive GTA Vice City Map in High Resolution to download it into your mobile other gaming devices.

In addition to this, we just want to tell you that you have landed at the right place. Here we have shared our premium high-Resolution GTA Vice City Map which is interactive too. These maps are in high resolution and high quality too as you can zoom in to it as much as you want and see every single detail of the game map.

We have also shared some more exciting things about this game with you, and that is How much the GTA Vice City Map Size is? And what is the famous location you can visit into this game? We are going to cover each and everything about this game below in this article.

We have also shared some exciting GTA Vice City Map Game Screenshots which you can found into this article. If you want to this GTA Vice City map then we just want to tell you that you can download it by clicking on the download button which we have provided at the end of this article. You just have to follow some simple steps in order to download the GTA Vice City Map into your device.

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GTA Vice City Map Size

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is the second game in the 3D universe. GTA Vice City is set in Vice City, Florida, in 1996, and concerns the exploits of protagonists Tommy Vercetti as he rises to become Vice City’s major criminal power. The game’s events follow on from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Designed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Game, it debuted in North America on October 27, 2002. Yes, this game’s officially launched date is October 2002 for PlayStation 2and quickly become the best selling video game of the year. Following this success, GTA Vice City saw releases in Europe, Australia, and Japan, and become available for all the platforms like Xbox & PC. Later, Rockstar Vienna packaged the game with its predecessor, GTA III, and sold it as the Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack for Xbox, and finally, it debuted for IOS and Android December 6, 2012.

So the main question which came into everyone’s mind is that how much is the GTA Vice City Map Size is? Well, we have the answer for you.

The GTA Vice City Map Size is about 3.23 sq miles. which is totally equal to 8.16 k.m. This map size is smaller than both of the game GTA v Map & as well as GTA 4 map. But Still, you can explore so many things into the game, now down here you will be able to get the famous Map Locations of the game GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Map Screenshots

Now down here, we have shared some high quality and premium GTA Vice City Map Screenshots which is interactive too. These all screenshots which we have shared are in high resolution as you can zoom into it and see every single detail of the game.

GTA Vice City Map Locations

So Here we go! Here We have shared some exciting map location of the game which you maybe can’t found into the game. If you are a true fan os this game then you must these all the locations which we have shared below to make your gaming experience more exciting.

GTA Vice City Map
GTA Vice City Map

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a shopping district on the eastern island of Vice City and has the majority of the Vice City’s beach. In the initial stages of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti resided in Ocean Beach at the Ocean View Hotel and can laters purchase the Ocean Heights Apartment. Ocean Drive, a ling road on the east side of Ocean Beach, is lined with hotels and is located right next to the beach. It is based on its real-world counterpart South Beach.

Vice Point

Vice Point is a more middle class and residential area of Vice Beach, covering the remaining areas of the island at the north, and consisting of larger apartment buildings and hotels aligned along the shore as well as medium sized homes and smaller apartment complexes inland. The part of Vice Beach that is located in the area includes a dirtbike track (only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City).

Prawn Island

Located between Downtown and Vice Point, the island is a combination of both residential and industrial buildings, with the InterGlobal Films studios and several nondescript offices on the south side and several lavish mansions on the north. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it is the turf of the Sharks. The name is play on the name for a crab, prawn, and pron, the alternative name for pornography, due to InterGlobal Films’ role in the pornographic film industry.

Starfish Island

Located between southern Vice Beach and Vice City Mainland, Starfish Island is a wealthy district containing lavish mansions and large estates with swimming pools, large garages and parked speedboats. There are also two swimming pools in the shape of a Rockstar logo and a bikini clad woman on the island in the yards of two mansions.


Downtown is the northernmost area in the city. Much like Downtown Miami, it contains most of the city’s skyscrapers, including the tallest structure in the city. The Hyman Memorial Stadium hosts events such as concerts, stock car races, demolition derbies and dirt bike stunt shows. Downtown is the location for the local heavy metal radio station V-Rock and an enclosed recording studio. An Ammu-Nation store is also located here.

GTA Vice City Map Download Link

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