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High Resolution Fortnite Map: Everything You Need to Know

Hello Everyone thanks for coming here. If you are looking for High Resolution & Interactive Fortnite Map, then you have landed at the right place. Here we have shared our premium and Interactive Fortnite Map.

Here we have also shared the download link for the Fortnite Interactive Map which you can find at the end of this post. You can also watch some screenshots fo the Fortnite Interactive map which we have shared below in this article.

Fortnite Map Download link is available at the end of the post.

Fortnite Map Game Wiki

Fortnite Map


Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players fight against each other and the one who is last standing is won. It is an action and fastest adventurous game which you can play on your devices. This game is available for IOS, Android & Xbox, and many other compatible devices.

Fortnite is basically a collection of two major titles, the first one is Save the World and the other one is Fortnite: Battle Royale, which initially hit a very big audience in 2017. Battle royale was sold more than 125 million copies within the first year when ti si launched.

Fortnite is a very big action game similar to PUBG, but this game has its own individuality. Today this game has won so many hearts that are dying to hear fans of fortnite. These games have been made that way so that it can win thousands of people’s hearts. Fortnite was published by the North Carolin based Games Studio EPIC in the summer of 2017, and now it’s one of the most successful games ever into the world.

How Does Fortnite Map Game Works?

Players skydive onto a small island are equipped with an ax and many more weapons which will help them to fight against others. As players are defeated the field of the gameplay is get smaller means the safe zone will start reducing the and battleground will remain smaller. In addition to this players come more closer to each other and they have to fight.

Updates of the gamers will regularly flash on to the screen about how a player killed another player for example “Player X Killed Y by an AWM” and many more.

A good thing about this game is that you don’t need to pay any amount to play this game. This game is totally free of cost you just have signup through your Facebook account and after that, you can enjoy the game.

Fortnite is uniquely welcome newcomers which aren’t true for all online shoot style gamers. Because it’s free, there are also so many newcomers who jump into the game without having a piece of good knowledge about the game map and the major style of the game. Obviously you are not going to achieve the number one position into the game in the first try but you can observe the acts of an experienced person who players well into the game.

Fortnite Map Screenshots

Down here we have provided some Our Fortnite Interactive Fortnite Map Screenshots which we are providing you through our downloading link. These all are just our Interactive Map Screenshot. You can download this through the download link which we have provided at the end of this post.

These screenshots are available in High Resolution and High Definition too, you can zoom into the screenshot and see them every single detail.

Fortnite Map Size

Fortnite Map

Well, you all must have a question into your mind that how big is the Fortnite game map is. I thought it would be interesting to calculate how big the map is in Fortnite. My process for doing so was as follows and I’ve done this with my own.

The map is divided into a 10×10 grid, which makes 100 square tiles that comprise the map. The only way to measure the tiles is in building pieces, and it turned out that each tile is exactly 49×49 building pieces or a total of 2401 building pieces.

If 1 tile = 2,401 pieces, then 100 tiles = 240,100 pieces. But that covers the whole map, where some tiles are just the ocean or only partially covered by land. Subtracting all the ocean pieces completely and giving a rough estimate to the percentage of land coverage to the partially covered tiles (Y% x 2,401), it can be estimated that it would take about 163,000 building pieces to cover the whole map.

Now, how do we convert that to real-life measurements? It appears that each Fortnite character is exactly half the height of a wall tile, and if we assume the average human is 170cm tall, each tile would be 3.4×3.4m, or 11.56m².

Fortnite Map Locations

So here we go! Down here we have shared a detailed Fortnite Map Location, and we have covered every single detail about the location below. We’ve marked any replaced or removed locations with an asterisk. This means you won’t find them on the map anymore, but we like the idea of keeping their memory alive – nostalgia and all that.

Anarchy Acres

This is one of the famous locations in the game which is loved by everyone. This rural location is packed full of fields and farmyard, as well as a sprinkling of buildings which can often contain or two. You can find extra ammo or even a chest behind the northern-most house.

Dusty Divot

All in all, this is a very good place to start the gearing up process, with a little bit of everything on offer to get yourself kitted out. Check the barns, behind the haystacks. Ever since meteor crash-landed into what was previously known as Dusty Depot. this location is an industrial area filled with loads of warehouses full of loot, but it was then transformed into a smoking crater with a curious little research station in the center.

Fatal Fields

Alongside the Anarchy Acres this is another farm area in Fortnite: Battle Royale, located in the southern section of the map. Make sure you check all the buildings for loot, and also under the bridge as well.

Flush Factory

Right down in the south-west corner of the map lies Flush Factory, which is more of an industrial area packed with buildings.

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is another residential zone in the game, this time located towards the south-west of the overall map. As well as houses, it also has a restaurant and a gas station to rummage around in.

Haunted hills

This location is one of the most haunted places in the game. This gloomy little place is located just a little bit south from Junk Junction, with Pleasant Park just to the south once again.

Fortnite Map Download Link

Now here you will be able to get the download link for Fortnite Interactive & high-Resolution Map. You just have to follow some simple steps which we have mentioned below in order to download the Fortnite map into your device.

#1. First, click on “Fortnite Map Download” button below.


#2. After this you will be redirected to a page asking you to complete some simple task, this happens because we want to verify that you are a human or robot.

#3. After completing the task the Fortnite Map will start downloading into your device.

#4. Enjoy the Fortnite Map.

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