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Just Cause 3 Map Guide in High Resolution & Interactive Map

Hello everyone, if you are looking for Just Cause 3 Map Which is interactive and in High Resolution so you are at the right place. Here we have shared Just Caus 3 Interactive Map.

Here we have also shared the Just Cause 3 Map Download link which you can find at the end of this post. You can also watch some screenshots which we have shared in this article.

Just Cause 3 Map Download Link Available At the End of this Post

Just Cause 3 Map Game Wiki

Just cause 3 is the latest installment of the Just Cause game Franchise. the series focuses on a large open world and highly destructible environments, with a taste of physics game playthrough. This game is basically based on the hook and “stunt” of series protagonist Rico Rodriguez’s signature grappling.

This game is very popular among so many gamers around the world. Just Cause 3 is set on the fictional Mediterranean island Medici, the birthplace of Franchise herp Rico. The whole game is running around only one character who is a ruthless dictator known only as General DiRavello.

in the game, you mean Rico must have to return to his homeland and liberate the island’s inhabitants by defeating the DiRavello’s army and restoring the peace among all the people who are living in your homeland – which is necessary into the game.

Keeping the core mechanics of the Just Cause Series, gameplay will mostly revolve around Rico journeying across the island destroying military encampments and outposts. Causing this chaos will destroy DiRavello’s army and allow the citizen of Medici to begin reclaiming their land. The new wingsuit combined with the parachute is a powerful new tool to help you traverse the massive open world.

Just Cause 3 Map

Rico means the main character of the game will have access to a full suite of weapons, as he has in past gamers. though the most important item in his armory remains his signature, Grappling Hook. If we talk about the previous version of the game Just Cause 2 Rico was able to use the grapple to defeat enemies and vehicles together but if we talk about the latest version of the game means Just Cause 3 the grapple has been upgraded to allow Rico to tie multiple objects together, as well as adjust the wire’s tension on command. this means he can defeat more than one enemy at a time.


In Just cause 3 open world map, the fictional island Medici is located somewhere in the Mediterranean sea, which gives the locale a warm and sun-soaked aesthetic. the island is allegedly over 400 square miles in size and will feature some areas and building interiors, which would make it far larger in scale that Just cause 2’s isle of Panau.

This game is officially developed by Avalanche studios who officially deny built-in multiplayer for Just Cause 3, though it’s highly unlikely that such a feature will be included. Game Director Roland Lesterling went on to mention that, “if we were going to progress with something in that field, then we’d have to start with something like that in mind.”

The game starts at the Medici island which is welcoming you and Rico to his paradise of a home. No better way to arrive than surfing on an airplane and that is exactly how the game begins. When Rico climbs to the top, use the “subtle” method of a rocket launch to blow up attacking surface-to-air missiles. simply point and blow up. Keep this up until the place has to take evasive maneuvers, leaving Rico free-falling toward Medici.


Just Cause 3 Map Screenshots

Now down here we have shared some best Just Cause 3 Map Screenshot which we collected from some top internet sources. These screenshots are of high quality and in high resolution too. You can zoom in to the screenshot to understand each and every single detail of the game.

Just Cause 3 Map Size

Here we go! this question is asked by so many fans of this game. Well, we have the answer here,The Just Cause game series is known for having some of the largest maps for “sandbox”-type games.

Just Cause 3 Map

  • The playable area of JC1 is 1,025 square kilometers.
  • JC2 has a playable area of 1,035.55 square kilometers, although the map loads an infinite ocean.
  • JC3 is about 45 by 45 kilometers, making it about 2,025 square kilometers. However there’s some empty sea around the map until the game pushes the player back at some distance.

This game map is very big according to GTA 5 Map and even also from Red Dead Redemption 2 Map. This is something which you must have to believe.

Just Cause 3 Map Locations

Now You all must be curious to know about the Just Cause 3 Map Locations and every single detail about the map. Here we are going to share with you every single detail about the game map and every location detail.

Feno: This is one of the famous locations of this game, every gamer should visit this place. there’s a small ravine between the highways that run near Albeto Pero. You should check this yourself to find in the dirt. Coordinates: 42.564, 42.445

Lavanda: This location is a kind of hill station on the map. You should check under the bridge at the southern edge of the province to find Lavanda. this location is head to the coastline just northwest of the previous vintage part. This sits by the water there. Coordinates: 41.250, 42.944

Lacos: This location is a kind of scariest one. You should head to the coordinates above to find a large hill. approach from the north to see a slope beating the hill that leads to a small grotto – the part is in the dirt here. You should go to the island at the northwestern part of the province and check the southern beach to find this among the rocks.

Aspera: You are going to visit this place while you are in the middle of the game. This is also the scariest place too. This one’s thought to grab thanks to the airstrikes, but you’ll find it in a ravine by the fortress itself, next to a ruined wall. Coordinates: 41.763, 44.086

Sirocco Nord: In order to find this location you should visit the small island in the water directly north of Porto Vena. check it to find this in the sand. Coordinates: 39.406, 42.158

Soros: There are some ruins on the small island between the two larger ones. You just have to check them to find this buried there. Coordinates: 37.351, 40.078

Cauda: There a fairy large cave under Grotta Contrabandero. enter from the beach to the east to find a part inside. Coordinates : 40.545, 34.534

Trio: Head for the water east of Porto Darsena. Ther’s a small sandbar near the steep cliffs where a vintage part is buried. Coordinates: 42.195, 35.610

Just Cause 3 Map Download in High Definition

Here we go, down here we are going to share with you Just Cause 3 Map Download Link. You just have to follow some simple steps in order to download Just Cause 3 Map into your device.

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#3. After completing the task the Just Cause 3 Map will start downloading into your device.

#4. Enjoy the Just Cause 3 Map.


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