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Here we have our best Kingdom Come Map with high resolution and high definition. You can download this Kingdom Come interactive map through the download link provided by us following in this article.

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Kingdom Come Map Game Wiki

Kingdom Come Map

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person, open-world, realistic game that is officially developed and founded by the Warhorse Studios and brought to life beautifully with next-gen visuals delivered by the engine. this game is officially released on February 13 of 2018 for all the platforms like PC, PS4 and XBOX One. This game is set in an open-world environment and uses a classless system.

The main hero of this game is Henry, through which you are going to play this game. Henry is the peasant son of a blacksmith who undertakes a journey of revenge, and you’re able to customize the player’s abilities to create a character that fits closer to your preferred gameplay style. The abilities and progress of this game players totally depend on the choices players make during the branded dialog trees.

This game have very fascinating content, such as non-linear storytelling, advanced reputation, and law system, skill-based mini-games, large scale battles, and stages. A living and realistic world with emergent gameplay, advanced, well made, complex and challenging combat features.

Warhorse Studios has developed an exciting world of three divided acts, the first one is the act has about 30 hours of gameplay 9not knowing if that’s all the gameplay or just the main quest line). Just after the nine months of this, the second edition sent to all the fans of this game.

when you start playing this game in your device then you will awake for the first time in Henry’s Chamber there’s a chest to the right with a pot on it. you can lockpick this chest very easily and inside are very valuable wares (goblets and the such with a lot of money). You should have to wait until the gentleman talks to the lady and leaves through your front door after that you just have to close the doors and you can rob the chest easily.

Kingdom Come Map Screenshots


Kingdom Come MapNow down here we are going to share with you some screenshot of the map we are providing you through our downloading link. You can see this and we are going to explain to you each and everything on the map.

These Map Screenshot are in very high quality and also in high resolution. You can zoom on these screenshots and see every deep detail of the map.

Kingdom Come Map Size

Everyone must be thinking about this question that How large has Kingdom Come Map size is? Kingdom come: Deliverance comes to 16 km2 or 4km x 4km. Though it may not come to compare with some of the largest in similar games.

Ther’s a fast travel mechanic in the game, but players can be interrupted while doing so, you can be interrupted by something found on the path you’re traveling, like such as a dead body animal carcass, or you can even be interrupted by bandits. time progresses In the game and you must be mindful of the time progression when you set out with fast travel.

When I used to play this game, I’ve come across so many dangerous villages. No one is the same as the other and you’ll witness many people living their lives in these places throughout the days and nights.

Kingdom Come Map Locations

The map screenshots we have shred above shows the whole land you can explore in Kingdom come: Deliverance. It contains all villages, towns and other areas too which is suitable for exploration. On the map, we have marked the [laces where skill trainers and hidden treasures can be found. Now down here we are going to describe cities and villages which include a list of the main tasks, traders, skill trainers, and treasure maps.

Towns and Villages in Kingdom Come Map

Kingdom Come Map

The list we have shared below is the most important location in the kingdom come map – a map of cities, villages, and important places with a list of the main tasks, trades, and skills trainers.

Skalitz: This is the main location where the game starts initially. After you complete the prologue, the village will be destroyed. You can visit this village later into the game – as part of one of the main quests, or on your own initiative.

Rattay: Here we go! It is one of the biggest cities into the game and it’s located just next after to the fortress. In this location you can pick up new quests as well as visit sellers and characters offering various services like a tailor, shoemaker, blacksmith, arena master, etc.) You will find a detailed map of the city of Rattay together with the other locations once you download our full Kingdom Come interactive Map.

Rovna: You maybe know this place, you pass through this village two times in the beginning stage of the game. Like Skalitz, it will be destroyed later by you.

Talmberg: Talmberg is the first location related to one of the main quests. You maybe find a castle here surrounded by a middle-sized village. You will find a detailed map of the Talmberd and other locations once you download our Kingdom come interactive Map.

Neuhof: It is a small village where you will have to visit while you are playing this game. You will be going to visit this place while you are doing the quest The Hunt Begins.

Uzhits: This is one of the famous locations in the game which represents the biggest city in the game. You can wait to visit it until you unlock the main quest Mysterious roads or get there by yourself earlier. in the city, you can collect quests and meet people who offer a wide range of services.

Kingdom Come Map Download Link

Now, here you will be able to get the Kingdom Come: map download link in high resolution and also in high definition. You just have to follow some simple steps in order to download Kingdom come map into your device which we have mentioned below:

#1. First, click on “Kingdom Come Map Download” button below.


#2. After this you will be redirected to a page asking you to complete some simple task, this happens because we want to verify that you are a human or robot.

#3. After completing the task the Kingdom Come Map will start downloading into your device.

#4. Enjoy the Kingdom Come Map.

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