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Pubg Mobile Interactive & High Resolution Maps

Hello everyone welcomes here. You are land at the right place where you get Pubg Mobile Interactive & High Resolutions Maps. You can download Pubg Mobile Maps in just a few clicks but there is a process that you have to follow it.

Pubg Mobile is #1 video game for Android & IOS that everyone is playing. There are different-different maps & modes in the game. Here we are going to introduce you different-different maps of Player’s Uknown Battle Mobile.

Pubg Mobile Maps Download link is available at the end of the post.

You can play this game in Solo, Duo, & Team battle and every squad or player should get Chicken Dinner after winning the battle. At a single time, 100 players land on the same island and get the loot of weapons from the empty houses. You have to survive until the end to get win the battle.

Pubg Mobile Interactive Maps & Guide

Pubg Mobile Interactive Maps

As we all know Pubg Mobile is one of the best game for Android & IOS devices. Currently, it is ranking no 1 game worldwide and this quarantine day, people used to it. There are five different Maps available in the Player’s Unknown Battlegroud Mobile.

You will get all these Pubg Mobile Interactive Maps here. Here we are going to write all the maps wiki in short. You can read it & share it with your Pubg Friend on Social Media. People are used to it and ready to know more about it.

So let’s know about the Pubg Mobile Maps:

  • Erangel: It is a special heart of many & most of the players land at the Erangel Island for the best loot. This is 8km by 8km long area where most got their first chicken dinner.
  • Miramar: It is a large scale of a desert place. Originally come for the PC in 2017, the second map welcomed with Erangel. Miramar is a snipping paradise of most of the player.
  • Sanhok: The smallest location of Pubg Mobile introduced as the third map of this game. It’s a 4x4km & much of that is water too. The loot is little tricky on this area as compared to other locations.
  • Vikendi: The area is full of snow with plenty to offer players. It is 6x6km that making it smaller than Erangel & Miramar (but long as Sanhok). If you are dropping onto Vikendi, you will have to know about their locations & loot places.
  • Karakin: Nowhere & nobody is safe there, a new hazard called Black Zone will level building in an instant. You will need to listen out the telltale siren and check the map for the purple highlight. Without doing anything, you will need to learn more about this map.

Pubg Mobile Maps Screenshots

Previously, we have written a short guides on all the maps of Pubg Mobile. Here we are going to share with you screenshots of all five maps. You can share these screenshots with your noob game friend who wants to know about all the locations of Pubg Mobile Maps.

The map is free to download and you don’t have to pay a single amount for it. We are also going to provide Interactive Maps of Pubg Mobile in the next topic. These screenshots are captured by our team from the game, so it is original as you can see.

Here you have got everything really, so see all the screenshots down below:

All the Map Sizes of Pubg Mobile

As we all know there are five maps available in the Pubg Mobile video game. Here we are going to tell you the size of each map in km. You will need to know the actual area sizes of all maps in Player’s Unknown Battleground. We will love to see here to know the area size of each map.

Pubg Mobile is getting an update every month season-wise. So first update your latest version of this game, then land here. Pubg has become commercially and critically hit worldwide. It is an awesome & epic sense of mobile video game made by Tencent.

All the maps are unlocked for all the players but you have to download it from the game panel. It takes around 30 minutes to win a battle that we called “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”. That sounds look great when you achieve your first goal in this game.

So without wasting any time, let’s know the actual sizes of all the maps in Pubg Mobile:

Erangel Map Size


Erangel Map size is 8x8km and the biggest in size as compared to other maps.

Miramar Map Size

Miramar Map

Miramar Map size is 8x8km and same as Erangel Map size.

Sanhok Map Size

Sanhok Map

Sanhok Map is 4x4km long and smaller than other Pubg Mobile Map Sizes.

Vikendi Map Size

Vikendi Map

Vikendi is 6x6km Long and Smaller than other maps (except Sanhok & Karakin).

Karakin Map Size

Karakin Map

Karakin Map is 2x2km long and smaller than all the maps of Pubg Mobile.

Pubg Mobile Interactive & High-Resolution Maps Download

We know what are you looking for, so here is the Pubg Mobile Interactive & High-Resolution Maps that you can get from our download link. It is absolutely free to all of you but you have to complete basic steps to get this.  We have updated here Full Pubg Maps with their all the Loot locations that are marked by us.

As I have told you that there are some basic steps, so we have updated all the basic steps down below:

  • Goto download button
  • Click on it
  • Complete Human Verification
  • Download 2 apps from the tasks
  • Run it for one minute
  • You will get download links of Pubg Mobile Full Maps


Human verification is must to verify yourself as a human. After completing these steps, you will get downloaded file instantly. We have shown you all the Maps in the slider of screenshots but Interactive Map is different like a real map.

You can also share this map with your game friends and you can point out your favourite locations in those maps. So it is important to get Pubg Mobile Maps on your device. As we told you, it is absolutely free & working maps. So get it now 🙂

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